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El Rosario pool tile repair technicians available for your pool repair in El Rosario today.

Do you have broken pool tiles in your pool in El Rosario? Perhaps you have rust growing on them - or you have a leak in your pool. Thankfully here at El Rosario Handyman, we can perform all types of pool repairs without the need to drain your pool.

The following services are covered, and many more:

We always offer a free estimate and a free telephone consultation - including WhatsApp

Saving the expense of draining and refilling your pool in El Rosario is only part of what you gain from our services, you also have a high-quality finish and excellent customer care right from the onset.

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We can also assist in completely rebuilding your pool, or installing a new pool in El Rosario

We are based here in El Rosario but service many other locations on the Costa del Sol.

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