Awnings & Toldos installed in Calahonda, on the Costa del Sol

Calahonda Handyman offers customised ordering and installation of awnings (toldos) in Calahonda

Is the hot sun in Calahonda getting too much for you to bare? Then look for a professionally built and installed awning or toldo for your home or office by Calahonda handyman. A wide range of fabrics and designs of awnings can be chosen from - if you live within a community in Calahonda, be sure to consult with your administration first - to be certain that you are allowed to install awnings and to see if there are any specific guidelines you must follow.

The awnings/toldos can be customised to suit your specific needs, our expert team of installers will come and take measurements at your home or office in Calahonda and discuss the options available to you with no commitment to purchase.

We of course service Calahonda, but can also call out to many other locations on the Costa del Sol.

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